The Clinic’s History

The history of the Clinic’s operation dates back to 2002 , when it was  a one-person private doctor’s office specializing in treating diabetes. It was run by the doctor Małgorzata Arciszewska and was located in a tenement house at 19 Zamenhofa Street, which is the premises of the Private Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital  – the property of the doctor Krzysztof Arciszewski.

The rapid increase in the amount of patients over the last two years of Clinic’s activity effected in transforming the one-person private doctor’s office into a specialized center employing a team of doctors, nurses, dietetic specialists and trainees. Following the growth of our activity, Advanced Center for Internal Medicine and Diabetes was opened in 2004, and was successfully managed by Małgorzata Arciszewska.

The newly-hired medical staff and doctors teamed up harmoniously into a crew of  dedicated individuals struggling for their patients’ health. As the Center’s integral unit - an educational section with a separate training room for teaching patients to cope with diabetes and apply proper diets - was formed. At the same time an innovative program addressed to diabetic pregnancy patients was worked out and implemented. It is more than helpful in making  mothers-to-be adhere to appropriate dietary habits at the very time of their pregnancies and on. Together with the opening of our Clinic, a contract with the National Health Fund was concluded. As a result of this co-operation the patients of our Center are entitled to refunded services.

The turning point in the Clinic’s history was 2007. It was when we run out of room to treat the newly-registering patients and the milestone decision to move the Center to a spacious site was made. The new location of the Clinic became the edifice opposite the previous location. The building was renovated and adapted to a medical center in compliance with the strictest requirements set for healthcare facilities.

Since then our patients can register at 10/20 Ludwika Zamenhofa Street in Białystok, the Clinic’s new address.